Tyranosaur - brutal and raw urban drama where violence is normal and love twisted. Amazing performances in this powerful must see film!


Triangle - mystery thriller on an empty ship. Keeps you guessing throughout, absorbing, with some great ideas but peters out near the end.


Troll Hunter - Norwegian film students go after a bear poacher, he's really a govt backed troll hunter! Great performances, awesome movie!


The Tunnel - Aus movie in docu style of REC, builds scares to frantic conclusion with great cast, oppressive sound & it's free download too!


Territories - Starts well with US tourists kidnapped, caged & tortured... but then it stops progressing & ends by kinda petering out, shame!


Time - Kim Ki-duk on top form with a tale of love & fear of it fading, beautifully constructed & superb performance mark this as must see!


Tucker & Dale vs Evil - Teens get themselves killed as 2 country bumpkins stumble around wondering whats happening, excellent horror comedy!


True Grit - Coen brothers deliver in spades in this classy remake. Bridges and Damon are in great form but Hailee Steinfeld steals the show.


Touching the Void - docu + reconstruction of mountaineering trip that goes horribly wrong. Stark demonstration of 1 man overcoming all odds.