Stand by Me - King story, Reiner directs, i'd forgotten just how good this was, go watch it again, now on my 'at least once a year' list.


Shame - Fassbender is dysfunctional lead who cannot form normal relationships - confronted by his sister who desperately needs one, amazing!


The Skin I Live In - Almodovar on scintillating form, Banderas as plastic surgeon has a strange interest in his prisoner/test subject. Great


Shelter - Split personality patient may be more than he seems in this quietly effective shocker, payoff a little stretched but good overall.


Saint - Dutch Xmas horror, interesting as Christmas myths in Holland are V different! Unfortunately the movie itself is a little fomulaic.


Shark Night 3D - 3D rather pointless, story even more pointless and very dumb - saved by ... well erm nothing really, avoid!


Scream 4 - Start had me worried BUT silly intro slickly moved into in jokes, stabbings and familiar characters, original - no, fun - yes!


Slice - Thai serial killer that has some visual flair and unexpected twists but Miami Vice fashion and drawn out flashbacks let it down.


Shyness Machine Girl - 22 mins long comedy in the vein of Tokyo Gore Police, played 4 laughs but soon wears thin & 22 mins seems too long! 


Serial Mum - John Waters on top form ably supported by Kathleen Turner as the suburban housewife protecting her family at all costs, great!


Sucker Punch - Visually stunning, great action sequences that rival 300, what's not to like... looking for a coherent story.. try elsewhere!