The Raid - Indonesian film takes best of Ong Bak & Hard Boiled, adds a simple story, shakes it up for an adrenalin fueled actioner, amazing!


The Raven - Struggled to get into this, shame as I like Cusack, story seemed a bit jumbled, characters felt too similar to each other, poor.


Rabies - Israeli fim, 4 tennis friends try help rescue a girl from a psycho,& that's the easy bit as everything else goes pear shaped. Good!


The Robber - True story of marathon runner who robs banks for fun, fascinating character study of man losing control to escalating darkness.


Rare Exports - Finnish alternate Xmas tale has a malevolent St Nic, elves that look like Santa & kidnapped kids to boot, mad genius abounds!


Red Riding Hood - has it's moments but is ultimately a little too MTV styled, Gary Oldmans suitably rabid turn provides comic relief!


The Rite - Nothing new here, Anthony Hopkins is watchable as ever... movie suggests half of Rome is possessed, wasn't when I went last yr!