Director:  Charles Band

Writers: Alan J. Adler, Frank Levering


Robert Glaudini -  Paul Dean

  Demi Moore  - Patricia Welles

Luca Bercovici - Ricus

James Davidson - Wolf the Merchant


Originally done in 3D; this film has all the usual effects — snakes lunging at the camera, objects

protuding out, people being thrown through windows straight into the camera and all to no vail, because as

with every 3D film it was released onto video/DVD in its normal form, when you take all those 3D effects

away from this film there’s next to nothing left!


The time is 1992, there have been various atomic explosions, which are never fully explained, and there

are a few gangs causing havoc in remote regions of the US, A Doctor, Paul Dean, wanders around, fights

with I or 2 of these gangs and has a parasite in his stomach!


It turns out he wrote a book on parasites and through being a complete dick he has one inside him,

which he wants to destroy, Demi Moore is in the vicinity and helps the Doctor — her role comprises of

being knocked to the ground a few times and saying a few duff lines,


He somehow finds out that it can be killed with a high frequency sound and that’s what happens, the

acting is so wooden splinters fly, Nothing is adequately explained — it’s just a cheapo B movie, I’m sure it would have been fun to watch in 3Dbut without it it’s excrement of the highest order!


Reviewed by BM


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the parasite