Parasite - Young Demi Moore in a cheap 3D B movie, plot involves some parasite that needs killing, or some such, honestly lost the will!

Pontypool - Psychological chiller with great story & characters & a thought provoking central idea - low budget yes but high quality film!

Prometheus (3D) - Not a sequel or prequel, but brilliant whatever you think it is, great cast, real scares & inventive throughout. See it!

Pirahna 3DD - I enjoyed 2010 reboot, so had hopes... which were all too quickly and savagely dashed by this appalling effort, bad, bad, bad!

The Proposition - Gritty19th cent outback crime drama, Ray Winstone and Guy Pierce are fantastic in this violent tale of justice & injustice

Pulse - J Horror, involves webcam with the dead, well possibly! Found this long, hard to follow & not scary, shame really as showed promise.

The Pack - French oddity starts like Frontiers then throws in mutated mole men/ghouls, numerous plot holes & a weird siege later & it ends!

Piranha 3D - On my new 3D TV! This cheesy horror/comedy has lots of things waved out of the screen, inc a lot of female flesh - GOOD FUN!

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