Nightmare In Blood

Director: John Stanley

 Kerwin Mathews ... Prince Zaroff
Jerry Walter ... Malakai
Dan Caldwell ... Prof. Seabrook
Barrie Youngfellow ... Cindy
John Cochran ... Scotty
Released: 1978


San Francisco, 1975, Malakai is the top horror box—office draw of the day (not that I can understand why, seeing that he’s a boring, preposterous, bearded fop who looks a cross between Tom Savini and Dracula), Whatever, though, at one of the city’s cinemas a Malakai doublebill is being screened,and two goons are killing the projectionist and knicking off with the blood (I wonder who for?),
Across town, meanwhile, the first ever San Franciscan Horror Convention is being organised, with Malakai to be the guest of honour, We are told, however, that the sad bloke literally lives his part
(sounds like Mickey Rourke), and you get even more suspicious when the two goons from the above murder (supposedly Mal’s PR guys) bring him along to the convention in a coffin, For yes, dear readers, it just so happens that Mr Malakai is a real vampire and that his two goons are none other than Birk and Hare
(spelt correctly?) — the original English body snatchers,
Along the way, towards the above three’s expected demise, there are numerous little homages to the horror genre thrown in to keep any fan slightly amused, Cushing, Lugosi, and Chaney all get a mention, as do “Tales from the Crypt” and “Weird Tales” via the religious—nutter—comic store owner who thinks that comics are the be all and end all of the universe, Hey, one of the goons is even electrocuted to death after his killers are inspired by Howard Hawkes’ “The Thing”, There’s even the male embodiment of Mary Shitehouse on a TV talk show to raise a titter — horror, he reveals, is raping the minds of the young (I’m game),
Released on that wizard label, Cyclo Video back in the day, this is kind of fun, really,,,but still twad.
Reviewer - Psychobabbler

Nightmre In Blood

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