Mum and Dad - Dark and gritty comedy with suburban serial killers, torture, incestuous sexuality and high weirdness throughout - genius!


Dark Shadows - I love Burton but the story is all over the place, shame as there are some good performances & funny scenes, must do better!


Melancholia - All star cast in Lars Von Trier's thoughtful end of the world tale that isn't really about that, but loss & absence of love.


The Man From Nowhere - Tortured soul with a hidden past takes on the Korean mob to save the girl next door. Truly stunning movie u must see!


Mutant Tool - weird one in the Little Deaths anthology sees a mad Dr creating a drug from mutant semen extracted from a 3ft tool! Interesting but silly.


Masks - If you like Argento & Bava you'll love this German Giallo homage set in an oddball drama school - captures the vibe brilliantly!


Monster Brawl - Monsters wrestling WWE style complete with commentators! Great and funny idea but a little repetitive by the end really!


Meatball Machine - Overtones of The Thing & Tetsuo in this Japanese curio, odd but engaging body mod love story, you wont have seen similar!


My Bloody Valentine 3D - Slasher movie in a mine, well mostly in a mine, very average in 2D - on all levels, 3D helps but only a little!