Director: Carlton J. Albright

Writers: Carlton J. Albright


Edward Terry - The Freak

Joan Roth - Hilary

Stacy Haiduk - Beth

Thomas Mills - Rob


Mad demented serial killers looked like going out of vogue with the normality of Henry and the intelligence of Dr Lecter, then just to reasure me along came Luther a demented chicken biting fucker if ever there was one.


This low budget US independent starts off with the roots of the term ‘geek’ with an alcoholic at a carnival biting heads off live chickens for booze, now there’s a

little boy in the crowd watching this delightful  spectacle and he’s so affected by this show that in latter life he commits murder with a speciaL set of sharp metal teeth.


We catch up with Luther later in life as a hospital board discuss his progress and wether they should let him out, now obv iously for the film’s sake they let him out and away we go, havoc a plenty with Luther visiting the Mall to check out the eggs and peoples necks with his teeth (how he kept them in hospital is anyone’s guess),


Then for the real fun he goes off to a farm and in some very nasty scenes he terrorises a single parent family (the daughter’s worth terrorising for sure)

culminating in a Barn battle with chickens and a cop getting the bird.


Chicken Jokes aside ‘Luther’ is an excellent movie that rampages along with blood pumping from arteries and a great lead performance of manic frenzy gone wild.


Reviewed by TC

luther the geek

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