Director: Tomas Alfredson

Writers: John Ajvide Lindqvist (screenplay)

Release Date: April 2009 (UK)


  Kåre Hedebrant - Oskar

Lina Leanderss - Eli

Per Ragnar - Håkan

Henrik Dahl - Erik

Karin Bergquist - Yvonne


Let The Right One resets the expectations for vampire movies going forward, presenting a fresh and subtle take on the myth and drawing fantastic performances from the Swedish cast.


A young boy, Oscar, is an outsider in class and bullied by his peers. He is befriended by Eli, a new girl in his appartment block who is also an outsider - in more ways than one.


The friendship carved out isn't without it's diffiulties, Eli only comes out at night, Oscar is struggling with pre-pubescent feelings for her and he knows deep down that something isn't quite right.


Despite challenges and set backs their relationship gives Oscar the strength to stand up to his oppressors in school and push back in sudden and aggressive fashion.


In the shocking denoument Oscar is confronted by his tormentors older sibling, a psycopath in the making, but

justice is swift, brutal and unexpected.


At time the movie has echoes of Martin and Audition but what sets it apart from others of the genre is the way it handles the myth, focusing on the normality of Eli's existence, the fantastical largely down played and often only glimpsed in the corner of frames.


In addition the two child leads are fantastic putting in performances of real depth against the backdrop of Stockholm and the bleak winter snow.


All in all this is an excellent and unexpected gem!

Reviewed by TC



Let The Right One In

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