Headhunters - Norwegian crime/heist thriller, great script, note perfect performances & great action set pieces make for an amazing film.


The House of the Devil - 80s retro in looks, 70s retro in theme with girl in Satanic peril storyline. Great tone builds to satisfying climax


Hellraiser: Inferno - Will I ever learn!?! After aberration of Bloodline I vowed I'd stop! Watched first 1/2 then heeded own advice - CRAP!


Hellraiser IV: Bloodline - woeful effort & applying the law of diminishing returns there is no way I am watching 5,6,7 etc... unless drunk!


Human Centipede 2 - Shot in B&W this sequel out gores & out grosses the original, but depravity means u don't care about the characters!


House and Home - posh couple get their comeuppance when they pick up & abuse a homeless girl, well done but doesn't really tread new ground (Part of Little Deaths anthology).


Hell Driver - From the director of Tokyo Gore Police. Unfortunately nowhere near as good, same OTT effects but silly & lacking real bite!


Hostel 3 - If u liked the torture porn of previous films this is anaemic... It has no characterisation & puerile story- like the previous 2!


The Horseman - Brutal AUS revenger, gritty, dark & violent tale of father punishing his daughters killers, end little OTT but good overall!


Heartless - Excellent British horror just out on DVD, great cast, compelling story and some genuine scares takes this well above the norm!