The Grey - Neeson leads a band of plane crash survivors through the snow to safety, until the scary wolves eat em all! The wolves are great!


Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - US Version, good but not as good, Lisbeth a little too warm for me, no need to watch if you've seen original!


Guilty of Romance - Sexual repression & loneliness lead ignored housewife on a downward spiral of experimentation & depravity. Interesting!


The Guard - Brendan Gleeson on sparkling form as cynical Irish cop forced to help the FBI out on a case. Comic gem with great performances.


Grave Encounters - 'Most Haunted' type ghost hunters come unstuck in asylum. Atmospheric & creepy + good scares make for a decent effort.


The Girl Next Door - Based on a true story, 2 girls are fostered in 50s US but care turns to abuse & descends to dark depravity. Compelling!


Grotesque - Pointless Japanese torture porn with no plot or characters. Even if u r a gore fan the effects aren't that good! Tawdry rubbish!