Director: Richard Kern
Writers: Richard Kern, Lydia Lunch
Lydia Lunch
Emilio Cubeiro
Marty Nation
Pete Haskel

In my opinion the most disturbing of the DEATHTRIP movies (by US auteur Richard Kern Ed. ). Kern at his best (or worse however you see the film). Again made in Black and White, this is a mixture of hardcore sex and violence (all of which is real) that
will leave you reeling. This is one of the films that cause the ‘is it art or is it porn?’ arguement. I
certainly couldn’t imagine anyone getting kicks from this film, bu there are some strange people out there, and Kern seems to know most of them.

Filmed on Super 8 and lasting 24 minutes, it seems longer, Kern treats us to sex, murder, violence, rape, the lot. Lydia Lunch stars, we first see her on the phone to some guy who wants her to be his mummy, she says she’ 11 do it, if he giver her the ‘fuckin credit card number’, which he does, and the conversation continues until Lydia gets bored and slams down the phone. The phone rings, another caller with a real foul mouth, his name is Nathan and he wants to meet her, she gives him the address and he comes round. After we’re treated to a look at Lydia from every
possible angle, the two go out, on the way to the car Nathan slits an old guys throat. They drive into the country to see his ‘friend’, who gets a bit too friendly
with Lydia, and gets a knife in the leg for his trouble, Lydia doesn’t like all this, back in the car she is screaming, calling Nathan every name under the sun.

A little bit later they come across a girl (Lung Leg) desperate for a lift, she has just been assulted and is desperate to get home, She gets into the car with Lydia and Nathan. Straight away we know this is probably the biggest mistake she will ever make and ut is.

Lydia is stroking her hair telling her to calm down, the tension is unbearable for the viewer at this point, bu the girl senses there is something not quite right and
panics, Lydia tells her to ‘calm fuckin down’ and batter into her. Nathan stops the car and the girl makes a run for it with Lydia close behind and is soon on top of her tearing off her clothes, while Nathan jerks off overhead.

The girl once again struggles free but is caught by Nathan, and he’s not as nice as Lydia, he’s punching and kicking the girl, screaming at her. He drops her to the ground as Lydia screams at him ‘you fuckin idiot’, but it’s too late they are both in big trouble as a police car rolls up.

This film is heavy, all the violence is for real. Allan Macdowell says: “The Lunch and Nathan characters are exemplary role models for any youths who want to be institutionalised”.
Reviewer — LS


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