Dead Snow - Nazi zombies, blood spattering fresh Norwegian snow and a barrage of movie in jokes and nods to genre classics... genius.


The Devil Inside - Watched 40mins & gave up, you've seen it all before but done better, & I'm starting to lose patience with found footage!


Dark Shadows - I love Burton but the story is all over the place, shame as there are some good performances & funny scenes, must do better!


Drive - Ryan Gosling stars in this stunning noir thriller. Great cast & standout soundtrack combine 2 create a future cult classic - genius!


Dream Home - HK slasher... Female lead desperate to get her 1st flat, slaughters all in her way! V High on the gore score & great story too!


Don't let him in - somewhere in this woeful effort is a serial killer movie, but with the worst plot ever written I struggled to find it!