Carancho - Great central performances as ambulance chasing lawyer & addict Dr are the good guys in this amazing Argentinian drama/thriller!


Cabin in the Woods - Smart and witty script makes this a real pleasure, defies categorisation & is constantly inventive... Ending too much?


Corman's World - Roger is THE Hollywood maverick, & in this inspiring doc you see his evolution & influence on US film landscape. Awesome!


City of Life & Death - Re-telling of the 'Rape of Nanking' in 1937, B&W from multiple character pov's, often harrowing but always riveting!


Creepy Hide & Seek - J Horror has some atmospheric sequences & the hide n seek update to laptops n phones is clever, but no Ju On i'm afraid


The Chaser - Korean Serial Killer thriller with riveting central performances and a smart script that hurtles along to stunning conclusion.


The Clinic - effective Aussie horror/thriller, loses it's legs 60 mins in, but some good shocks & arresting images, don't watch if pregnant!