Bug - Friedkins small scale tale of damaged characters & unchecked paranoia features great performances and a claustrophobic script, see it!


The Bunny Game - Based on real events that befell the lead actress this gritty & brutal kidnap/torture film is a little repetitive & long.


Bitch - Quirky fetish revenge tale, well told & convincingly portrayed, like a good Tales of the Unexpected, a great close to the anthology.


Blind Alley - Spanish effort that starts well with the lead trapped in a late night laundrette. Then some vampires arrive & kinda spoil it!


Bloody Reunion - Korean slasher sees a bunch of pupils reunite with their fave teacher, except they're all a bit damaged thanks to her! Fair 


Bubba Ho-Tep - Bruce Campbell in top form as a senile Elvis in a care home with a black JFK battling a resurrected Egyptian Mummy, genius!